CMC North Sessions by Grade Level

General Interest
Alisa Brown & Kelly Clark: Tech Tools to Re-Engage Mathematical Minds
Becky Bob-Waksberg: What About When We Cause Harm?
Dan Meyer Moderator Panel: Math Teaching in the Apocalypse
David Foster: Back to the Future
Denise Green: Implicit Bias in Mathematics: A Series for PK - 12 Educators
Devin Rossiter: Discourse + Distancing: How to Run Remote Language Routines
Eli Luberoff: Staying Human While Learning Math Online
Henri Picciotto: Symmetry: a unifying thread across grades and cultures
Jennifer M. Langer-Osuna, PhD : Friday Keynote - Productive partnerships: Teaching mathematics so that students feel seen and heard
Kelly Clark: Making Math Matter: Problem Solving for Perseverance
Kimberly Morrow-Leong & Sara Delano Moore: Foster and Lead a Culture of Play-ful Productive Struggle
Kristopher J. Childs, Ph.D. : It’s Time: Unlocking the Power of Authentic Mathematics Experiences
Kyndall Brown: Lesson Study as a Leadership Endeavor
Laura Gorrin & Mary Raygoza: Humanity and Healing through Social Justice Math Curriculum
Liesl McConchie: Balancing the Equity Equation With the Brain in Mind
Lisa Matthews: Fostering a climate of active math learning in a distance learning environment
Patrick Callahan: Writing in Mathematics: Grading and Assessing
President's Party & Ignite
Sean Nank: Implicit Cultural Bias: Help Every Student Achieve Via Voice
Tim Hebert: Reasons for Routine-ing: Better Learning for More Learners
Virtual Exhibit Hall
PreK - 2
Char Moffit: Making and using books to engage young children in math
Chrissy Newell: Using Student Self-Assessment to Support All Learners
Kassia Omohundro Wedekind: Hands Down, Speak Out: Making Space for Student-Led Conversations in the Primary Math Classroom
Kathy Morris & Brigitte Lahme: Agency & Identity through Early Mathematical Modeling
Molly Daley: Math Anywhere! Meeting Families in the Places they Go
Sara Moore: Develop Mathematical Practices with Computational Thinking
Sharon Friedman: Teaching Parents How To Support Productive Struggle in These Strange Times
Solana Ray & Jessica Balli: "Writing" in Math in TK-2 - What does it look like?
3 - 5
Dennis Kombe: Argh! Why are fractions so difficult?
Duane Habecker: MLRs + 5 Practices = Awesome Mathematical Discourse
Jamie Garner: Number Talks: Making the Math Visible
Kathryn Dees: Pathways to Fact Fluency: What I know? What I need to learn?
Kathryn Dees: "Ten" The Building Block of Our Place Value System
Megan Sulsberger: Using Real-World Math for Elementary Problem Solving
Rob Nickerson: Emphasize the Thinking, not the computation
Tracy Sola: It's TRU! Superpower Routines for 3 - 5 Re-Engagement Work!
6 - 8
Allison Krasnow: Middle School Math and Art on Desmos' Graphing Calculator
Cecilio Dimas: Formative Assessment & Re-engagement in the Virtual Class
Karen Arth: Making Middle School Math Come Alive with Games & Activities
Krystal Carter: Teaching Math through a Global Lens
Kurt Salisbury: RetroDesmos: Reimagining Mathematics Through Video games
Lori Fury: Math + ELD = Learning for All
Lori Lambertson: Our Changing Atmosphere by the Numbers
Michael Jarry-Shore and Toni Allen: Noticing Struggle to Support Student Understanding
Susie Hakansson: Gain Competence and Confidence in Understanding Fractions
Tom Beatini: Want to Develop Fluency with Functions? Algebrafy Patterns!
Vicki Vierra: Equip Students for Productive Struggle; Stop Talking & Trust
9 - 12
Daren Starnes: Mastering Statistical Inference Requires Perseverance!
Eric Muller: Seeing math around you: Geometry, data and your vision
Erica Heinzman & Bree Pickford-Murray: Reimagining the Doers of Mathematics to Reflect Our Students
Evan Rushton: Algebra Project's Radically Learner-Centered Design
Jillian Green: Who is allowed to take risks in the math classroom?
Judy Kysh:Testing as usual didn't work remotely! What did we learn?
Karen Greenhaus: Fun with Functions - Multiple Representations and Discovery
Matt Wallace: The struggle is real: Practical productive struggle pedagogy
Ned Diamond: The Power of Seeding Your Classes with Recursively Defined Functions: An Interactive Session with Google Sheets and Desmos
Travis Bower: Social Distancing
Coaches, Teacher Leaders, Teacher Ed
Angela Torres: Leaning on your Core Values: In a Pandemic and Every Day
Christina Lincoln-Moore: Talk Number 2 Me: The Mindful Mathematics Leader
Karen Mayfield-Ingram: A Changing Terrain-Oakland Urban Teacher Residency Coaching
Lizzy Hull Barnes, Alisa Brown & Haiwen Chu: Observing for Quality Interactions with Peers: A Framework
Mary Reed & Courtney Ortega: The TRUth about Coaching
Nova Katz: Practicing Coaching for Equity
Theodore Sagun & Joy Zimmerman: Mining for Math: Teacher Collaboration as R & D
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