Featured Speakers
Ben Ford: Contributing to the 2021 California Mathematics Framework
Christina Lincoln-Moore: Talk Number 2 Me: Mathematics & Mindfulness
Chris Luzniak: Let's Debate Math: Increasing Discourse & Argumentation
Enchantee Minor: The Prefabricated Educational Model: Does One Size REALLY Fit All?
Fawn Nguyen: The Struggle is Real
Fawn Nguyen: You Know You Want to Do Problem-Solving With Your Students
General Interest
Joshua Bean: How to foster diversity and equity in Math through sharing understanding
Ruth Cossey & Karen Mayfield-Ingram: Coaching through A Changing Terrain-Oakland Urban Teacher Residency
Ben Ford: Contributing to the 2021 California Mathematics Framework
Kathleen Jalalpour: Slow is the New Fast
Brian Karsbaek: Engage Students with Math Practice at their Own Level
Arlena Liryce Gavino: Informing the Need of Critical Thinking in Mathematics
Meagan Thompson & Marisa Aoki: Problem Solve like a Mathematician
Becca Varon & Sarah Ledon: Addressing Systemic Inequities in Grades 6-12
TK - 2
Jennifer Castro-Barnes: Maintaining Play in the Development of Number Sense
Kathryn Dees & Nicole Jawhari: Pathways to Fact Fluency: What I Know? What I need to Learn?
Liz Gamino & Aileen Rizo: The Sum of Stories + Shapes + Counting
Chrissy Newell: Using Student Self Assessment to Support All Learners
3 - 5
LauraMarie Coleman: Math with Dignity: Grade Level Access for Struggling Learners
Bill Davidson: Infusing Dynamism into Problem Solving
Kathryn Dees & Sue Dolphin: Making Place Value Accessible for all Students Though Representations
Daniel Kline: JRMF: Inspiring Joy in Mathematics and Cultivating Problem Solvers
Ricky Mikelman: Savvy Subtraction Strategies
6 - 8
Tom Beatini: Want to Develop Fluency with Functions? Algebrafy Patterns!
Carol Bliese: Applying Math to Real-World Issues - A Hands-on Approach
Mark Christiano: Best Practices in Virtual Learning
Gord Hamilton: Mini Mathematical Universes #1
David Mattoon: Can You See How Connection & Structure Builds Fluency? All Students Can.
9 - 12
Tom Beatini: Exploring Limits of Sequences Using "Cool Problems"
Ned Diamond: A Beginner's Guide on Using 'Google Sheets' To Teach Tinkering in Math
Kathy Henderson & Jay Chow: Desmos for All Classrooms
Patricia Vandenberg: Math They Deserve: Engaging Students with Higher Needs
Claire Verti: Joyful Math for All Students with Exploding Dots
Joanne Ward: Silent sustained writing for social justice in math class

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